Spring Qi Gong Workshop Saturday March 24th

Spring is in the air! We celebrate the growing and expanding life force of the Wood Element on our coming Five Element Qi Gong Workshop Saturday March 24th in Studio Meng. The Wood Element is related to Liver and Gall Bladder. The qualities of the Liver are vision and... read more

No more Raynaud Syndrome

Raynaud’s disease is characterized by white or purple fingers, coldness, pain and numbness. Recently we had a patient with  Raynaud for 30 years. After two acupuncture treatments he has no longer cold and painful hands. During the last cold weeks he could even... read more

What to do with Hay Fever?

Spring makes most of us happy as everything starts to grow: nature awakens form the stillness of Winter. But Hay Fever patients suffer from sneezing, stuffy nose, red and itchy eyes and throat pain. What to do? From our clinical experience acupuncture and Chinese... read more

New inspiration in Tao Garden

New inspiration in Tao GardenLast Autumn Qi Gong master Mantak Chia taught in Amersfoort. We were so enthusiastic and inspired that we went this January to Tao Garden in Chiangmai, Thailand. There we met a lot of motivated and inspiring people from all over the word.... read more

Ping Shu Yuan Spring Congee

Ping Shu Yuan Spring Congee for 6 persons250 g mixed grains (brown rice, black rice, barley, millet, oats)50 g aduki beans125 g mixed sprouts3 l water5-10 slices of ginger3 stems of celery6 cloves of garlic1 big carrotvegetable broth An absolute winner for your... read more

Winter Qi Gong Workshop Saturday January 6th 2018

What is a better start of 2018 than with the Five Elements Qi Gong Workshop? We started our journey in September with the Earth Element (Late Summer) and we continued in November with the Metal Element related to Autumn. Now we are ready for the Water Element related... read more

New address for Ping Shu Yuan Acupuncture clinic

New address for our clinic Ping Shu YuanWe are very happy that our acupuncture clinic Ping Shu Yuan has moved to Riouwstraat 139, 2585 HP in The Hague. On the second floor we have now two treatment rooms. And for the elderly good news: there is a lift. So no more... read more

Ping Shu Yuan Wintertea

Ping Shu Yuan Wintertea 5 small slices of fresh ginger (Sheng Jiang)7 pieces of clove (Ding Xiang)1 slice of orange (Ju Pi)1 slice of lemon some honey you can add for a very short time a bag of black tea or herbal tea and some raspberry syrop or other syrop you like... read more

Qi Gong workshop 2017 – 2018

The Hague – We have planned a Five Elements Qi Gong workshop on five Saturdays. In Chinese medicine the Five Elements are related to the five seasons, organs, meridians, emotions, color, sound, smell, taste, etc. Earth is the element of Late Summer –... read more

From our acupuncture clinic: addicted to needles

The Hague – At first he didn’t want to make an appointment because his complaint was not so severe. But his eye migraine got worse. Then he did listen to his wife who is very happy with the results of acupuncture. He decided to give it a try. Like many patients... read more