Welcome to Ping Shu Yuan – Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic (TCM) in the Hague. Ping stands for Harmony, Shu for Centre and Yuan for Garden.



A healthy person is physically, emotionally and spiritually in balance and lives in harmony with himself and his surroundings. A weak constitution, tension, stress, negative thoughts and emotions such as sadness, can all result in imbalance. The free flow of energy through the body can become blocked, resulting in stagnation. This can affect your health and even lead to sickness.

Using a holistic approach, we treat both the symptoms and causes of your ailment. Acupuncture, herbs and tuinamassage remove the blockages in your body and allow the energy to flow freely once again, thereby contributing to your recovery. Coaching, Qigong and meditation also help to balance your emotions, soothe your spirit, and improve your health.

We very much hope that, after your treatment, you will have found the harmony you seek and can start out on your journey to the source of your happiness.

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