Dr. Tan’s Balance Method with Delphine Armand

The Hague June 27th 2017 – What an inspirational weekend we had in Amsterdam, where we followed an acupuncture course given by Delphine Armand and Paul Wang, with our colleague Ricky Bochem. Delphine and Paul – together with Eileen Han, continue the Balance Method of their master dr. Richard Tan. The essence of this acupuncture method: use as few needles as possible and get instant result. A simple but effective method. This morning we applied it immediately to a young patient with shoulder pain after a fall at a beach volleyball game. The result: the pain went down from 7 to 3. And where he first could not lift his arm than shoulder height, the arm went smoothly and without blockage high after the insertion of the needles. We are happy about that and our patient as well 🙂