The Hague – We have planned a Five Elements Qi Gong workshop on five Saturdays. In Chinese medicine the Five Elements are related to the five seasons, organs, meridians, emotions, color, sound, smell, taste, etc. Earth is the element of Late Summer – related to Spleen and Stomach and its emotion is worry. Metal is the element of Autumn and related to the Lungs and Large Intestine with the emotion of grief. Water is the element of Winter and related to Kidneys and Urinary Bladder and the emotion is fear. Wood is the element of Spring and related to Liver and Gallbladder and goes along with the emotion of anger. The element of Summer is Fire and its related organs and emotion are Heart and Small Intestine and joy.

In this workshop we will focus on Qi Gong, acupoints and acupressure, healing sounds, meditation and diet advice. You are very welcome to join and to balance body and mind with the seasons.

Saturday September 23 2017:     Late Summer
Saturday November 11 2017:    Autumn
Saturday January 20 2018:           Winter
Saturday March 23 2018:             Spring
Saturday May 26 2018:                 Summer

Time:                          10.00 – 17.00 h
Price:                         75 euro
Discount:                   low income, student, artist, family
Included:                   organic and vegetarian lunch, coffee and tea and workbook
Want to join?                        email to: info@pingshuyuan.com