The Hague – The Healing Sounds help to clean the organs of energetic toxic waste. Every organ has its own frequency and its specific healing sound corresponds to this frequency. By working with the Healing Sounds the organs will function better and you will feel healthy.
The organ which is related to Summer is the Heart and its sound is HAAAA. Its negative emotions are impatience, arrogance and cruelty. The positive qualities are joy, respect, love and compassion.
Preparation: Sit on the front of a chair, shoulders relaxed, hands resting on the knees. On an inhalation bring your hands before your chest and scan your heart from the inside. Then inhale and let the hands go down sideways and in a smooth movement bring them up above your head. Turn your palms slightly outside and make the HAAA sound on an exhalation. Relax the arms. Repeat 5 times. When you are finished relax and connect your heart to the positive qualities of joy, respect, love and compassion.