Introduction Tuina Massage
Are you interested in learning basic Tuina massage related to Traditional Chinese Medicine? Maybe the workshop Introduction Tuina Massage is something for you! Tuina is foremost a medical massage. Tuina litery means push and pull and is based on meridanology. Tuina uses meridians and acupuncture points combined with specific techniques to unblock stagnations and to smooth the qi flow. It relieves stress and harmonizes body and mind. Tuina massage can be deep or more superficial, depending on body stucture and preferences. You will love it!

In this workshop you will learn:
1) basic meridian knowledge
2) basic tuina techniques
3) most important acupuncture points
4) acupressure techniques
5) to massage yourself and others

Time: Saturday December 19 2020
Participants: 8
Cost: 95 euro (discount possible)