Moxibustion and Cupping


Moxibustion can just like acupuncture treat and prevent diseases. Moxa consists of the herb mugwort that has to dry in the sun extensively before it can be used in practice. After the drying process the moxa is compressed in the shape of a cigar. By holding the moxa close to tender acupuncturepoints, the flow of qi and blood will be greatly improved. Moxa is excellent for treating colds, rheumatic pains, muscle pains and digestive and menstrual disorders.



Cupping is a method where the patient gets glasses or plastic cups administered on the body. A series of cups warm the body locally and improve the flow of qi and blood. The cuppingtechnique works well with back and shoulder pain, but has also an excellent effect on stomach and intestinal complaints. When stagnations are severe, the body can show red or purple spots after removal of the cups. They will vanish within a few days. Cupping is also suitable for children.

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