Equanimity in times of fear and anxiety
A famous taoist story is about a farmer who one days loses his only horse when it escapes from the farm. When the villagers hear this, they pity him, saying: “What a terrible loss!” His calm answer is: “Maybe.” A few days later the horse returns wiith more wild horses. The villagers are overwhelmed: “What a great luck for you!” The farmer retains calm and answers: “Maybe.” When one day his only son falls from a horse and breaks his leg, the villagers feel sorry for them. How can the farmer work on his land now his son is criple? “What a bad luck for you!” The farmer keeps his equanimity and answers: “Maybe”. When a war breaks out all the young men are forced to fight, except his son…

Gain and loss create emotional ups and downs. We are easily out of balance by overjoy, fear and anxiety. Due to the Corona outbreak the whole world seems to be affected by fear. 
How do we keep our equanimity like the taoist farmer? 

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine negative emotions harm our health. Fear is related to the Kidneys and the Kidneys are the root of healthy Qi. Being caught up in fear leads to anxiety which disturbs the Heart. When the Heart is out of balance the situation is like an emperor who is not able to hold the kingdom in order. The Qi which protects us from enemies like viruses and bacteria gets scattered and this weakens our immune system.  

So in this special time it’s important to:

  1. calm the mind by meditation to decrease fear
  2. do Qi Gong to enhance the immune system
  3. be grateful and feel connected with others
  4. live simply and share more (toiletpaper:-)   

Tips for strenghtening the immune system

1 – Ping Shu Yuan flower meditation:
Find a comfortable position, sit straight up, shoulders and arms relaxed, hands resting on the knees, close your eyes. Imagine your lower belly is a beautiful flower garden. With a smile, you breath deeply, inhaling the fragrance of the
colourful flowers. Feel calm, feel relaxed. 
Exhale, let go of all your negative emotions, let go fear, anxiety, sadness and insecurity. Feel grateful and connected with your self and others.
Send love and healing to all the people who suffer from Corona virus and other diseases.

Do this meditation daily for at least 5 minutes. This meditation increases your breathing capacity, strengthens your Lungs and brings you back to your self.

2 – The 6 Healing Sounds 
In Traditional Chinese Medicine every organ has its own emotion and sound. The 6 Healing Sounds detox the organs and bring back balance and harmony and enhance your immune system. The sequence is starting from Lungs to Kidneys, to Liver to Heart to Spleen and to end with Triple Burner. If you feel an organ needs more strength then you increase the healing frequency. In the video we show only two times per organ, do it for yourself at least 3, 6 or 9 times. See: https://www.pingshuyuan.com/blog/

3 – Use acupuncture points to massage
Most easy points to massage are on the Lung and Large Intestine meridian: masssage your self and find the most sensitive points, they need attention! If you have fever and belly pain, press LI 4 and LI 11.To increase your energy and to boost your immune system press Gallbladder 34 and Stomach 36.
4 Food and drink 
Avoid cold foods and drinks as they consume extra energy.
b) Fresh ginger tea in the morning or throughout the day. Ginger is often used in Chinese Herbal formulas for treating common cold, flu, chest infection,asthma etc. and is known to help activate the body’s immune system.
c) All white food is good for the Lungs, think of asparagus, shan yao (buy it in the Chinese toko), rettich, chicory and pears. Here is a nice and simple receipt with pears for dry cough:
Almond Stewed Pear
15 g of almonds
• peeled slices of pear, into a bowl
• honey
Put everything in a bowl, cover it with water for about 20 min. and drink it, enjoy!
d) Onion Soup when you catch cold
n the first stage of catching cold (runny nose, feeling cold/shivering, painful throat) this onion soup might help:
– Bring 3 onions, ginger, garlic and pepper in a bowl to a boil. Add some noodles if you like and vegetables like cabbage and carrots. You need to sweat a little bit from this soup to dispel the cold from your body. 

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Zhang Zhongjing: compassionate doctor during epidemics
Zhang Zhongjing (150 – 219 C.E.) is one of the most influential doctors in the history of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Living in difficult times where many people died during war due to infectuous diseases, he dedicated his life to relieve suffering of others. In the preface of his book Shang Han Lun (‘On Cold Damage’) he writes about his own loss: “My family [..] once counted over two hundred members, [..] but in less than ten years, two thirds have died, seven tenths from cold damage.”
In his time, of course Corona, Sars and Ebola were not known. Zhang Zhongjing wrote about the attack of cold pathogens, hence his book. Whatever name we label a disease, infectuous diseases have always been challenging life. Zhang Zhongjing saw with his own eyes ‘the untimely loss of so many lives that could not be saved’. His book Shang Han Lun helps practitioners untill today to understand the origin of illnesses and how to treat them.
Zhang Zhongjing was also a sharp observer of human behavior. His time was not so different of ours: “Moving forward into society, [people] are unable to love and know themselves. [..] Men who pursue the ways of the world race in competion for vain ostentation [..] neglecting the body in pursuit of material possessions, [their situation is as] walking on [thin] ice.”
Let’s hope that the Corona virus leads to a global shift of consciousness, compassion and the wish to relieve the suffering of others in the spirit of Zhang Zhongjing…

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The way to happiness is keep your heart free from worry.
Live simply, give much. Fill your life with love.
Do as you would be done by. (Buddha)