Ping Shu Yuan Wintertea 
5 small slices of fresh ginger (Sheng Jiang)
7 pieces of clove (Ding Xiang)
1 slice of orange (Ju Pi)
1 slice of lemon 
some honey 
you can add for a very short time a bag of black tea or herbal tea and some raspberry syrop or other syrop you like (lime blossom is good!).
In Traditional Chinese Medicine ginger warms Spleen and Stomach. Ju Pi supports the digestion, prevents stomach ache and moves the Qi. Ding Xiang has also a warming nature and tonifies Kidney Yang Qi This is a great tea on a cold winter day to warm up and it gives you a deep feeling of wellbeing. We drank it in Gdansk, Poland, in a typical Polish restaurant near a park. Never felt so happy!