According Traditional Chinese Medicine every organ has its own time, color, taste, smell and sound. All organs have also their own spirit, emotion and virtue. The Lungs are related to sadness and strenght, the Kidneys with fear and willpower, the Liver with anger and kindness, the Heart with arrogance and joy, the Spleen with overthinking and trust.

In the workshop Organ Healing Sounds on Saturday September 19th 2020 we will work with our Lungs, Kidneys, Liver, Heart and Spleen and harmonize them with their Healing Sound. You will discover on a deep level how your emotions are related with your organs and how you can transform negative emotions into positive emoitions. This healing energy will strengthen your immune system and boost your energy!

In this workshop you will learn:
1) The concept of organs and emotions in Traditional Chinese Medicine
2) How emotions affect our physical body and wellbeing
3) How to transform negative emotions
4) The power of Healing Sounds
5) Basic Qi Gong exercises

Date: Saturday 19 September 2020 and Saturday November 14 2020
Participants: 12
Cost: 75 euro