Spring Qi Gong Workshop Saturday March 24th

Spring is in the air! We celebrate the growing and expanding life force of the Wood Element on our coming Five Element Qi Gong Workshop Saturday March 24th in Studio Meng. 

The Wood Element is related to Liver and Gall Bladder. The qualities of the Liver are vision and a drive to get things done. The Gall Bladder is at its best when making decisions. In times of stress the Liver easily gets stagnated like a car that wants to drive but can’t as the handbrake is still on. Anger, frustration and irritation will come up very quickly. In this workshop we will work with these emotions, do stretching exercises to create a Qi flow and meditation to bring the fresh green energy of the Spring in our body to nourish the Wood Element. 
Feel welcome to join and enjoy a great day with us!
Saturday March 24th 2018
10.00 – 17.00 h
75 euro – incl. organic/vegetarian lunch, tea, workbook
Discount: low income, student, artist, family
Studio Meng, Helmersstraat 140, 2513 SC Den Haag