The Dutch Association for Acupuncture (NVA) has drawn up the following guidelines to prevent the further spread of COVID-19. Our clinic adheres to the following rules.

NVA guidelines

a. Practice Ping Shu Yuan

Organization Specific


– The outside door of our practice is open to prevent you ring the bell.

– We regularly clean the bell and door handle.

Waiting room

– Chairs in the waiting room are at least 1.5 meters apart.

– Waiting time in the waiting room is minimal.

– Please don’t use the books of our library.

– Clean the hands in the waiting room with desinfectant.

– Throw the paper towels in the waste bin.

– Ping or Taco open and close the door of the treatment room (s) to prevent physical contact with the door handles.


– No cash payments – preferably contactless payment, via mobile app, or via invoice afterwards.

– If you ise ATM, we disinfect it immediately after use,

Treatment room


– We strive as much as possible to keep a distance of 1.5 m.

– Maximum 3 people in the treatment room.


– The patient’s chair is 1.5 m from the Ping or Taco chair, marked with tape on the floor.

– The patient brings 1 or 2 own bath towels or takes care of a clean covering of the treatment table.

– We use paper with every patient to cover the treatment bench, this is thrown away after every patient visit.

– We do not offer tea or water, please bring your own if necessary.


– For patients: prefer not to use the toilet; report use to the practitioner.

– Dry hands with paper towels and throw them in waste bin after use.

– Disinfect the tap with disinfectant after use.

– Flush the toilet with the lid closed.

– Dry hands with paper towels and throw them in waste bin after use.


 The starting point when making a planning is that as few people as possible are present in the practice at the same time and too close together, in order to prevent mutual contamination.

Application and tips

Patient appointment

– We plan well so that patients do not meet each other.

– We allow sufficient time between treatments to air / ventilate and clean.

– We treat one patient at a time.

– We work exactly on time so that patients do not meet.

– In practice, a patient should in principle not be accompanied by a partner or counselor. An exception can be made for, for example, treatment of minor children or language problems. If necessary, use the 1.5 meter distance.

– Patients arrive in advance no more than 5 minutes before the appointment.


Specifically Application and tips Cleaning –

We ensure adequate cleaning of doors, benches and surfaces that the patient and practitioner have come into contact with.
– We clean door handles, tap knobs, etc. daily and several times a day with disinfectant.
– We keep a checklist of the cleaning times.
Ventilation – Ventilation is very important to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus as much as possible. – We ventilate the practice / treatment room for 10-15 minutes between two consultations.  

What do we do ourselves to stay healthy?
We take our responsibility seriously to prevent the spread of COVID-19. That is why we strictly adhere to the applicable RIVM guidelines. Specifically Application and tips General guidelines
– We always follow the general (health) guidelines of the national government and RIVM.
Health complaints – We do not treat if we ourselves experience upper respiratory complaints.
– We stay home with a fever or shortness of breath and quarantine for 14 days. We follow the guidelines of RIVM.
– Even if we have complaints that resemble COVID-19, we do not treat.
Testing COVID-19 – Acupuncturists can be easily tested (from 11 May) if they show symptoms of COVID-19 (nasal cold or cough or tightness or fever) for at least 24 hours. The healthcare provider must remain at home until the test result is known. – See website LCI.RIVM: measures


Hygiene Specific

Application and tips


– Avoid touching the face with your hands.

– Apply hand hygiene.


– Assuming that the acupuncturist does not treat persons with (suspicion of) COVID-19, the use of PPE (including nasal masks) is not necessary, taking into account the general hygiene guidelines and the specific guidelines for care outside the hospitals. See LCI / RIVM website.

– The practitioner makes his own assessment, possibly in consultation with the patient, with regard to the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and, in particular, mouth and nose masks, taking into account the patient’s own health and that of the patient.

– When treating persons from the vulnerable group, the use of mouth masks is to be considered, but not mandatory.

Before treatment


Application and tips


– Before visiting the clinic, the patient fills out the form to prevent the spread of COVID-19 (sent by email).

– If this is not possible or has not happened, do this when the patient arrives.

Hand hygiene

– Before each treatment we wash our hands with soap and water or hand disinfectant and dry the hands with a paper tissue which is then deposited in a closed trash can.


– We follow the RIVM guidelines if we use PPE.

During and after treatment


Application and tips


– We follow the guidelines of the RIVM with regard to the use of PPE.

– We do not use PPE more than necessary, but no less than necessary.

– PPE is used and processed according to the guidelines.


– We stay as short as possible within 1.5 meters of the patient: only for wrist, tongue and abdominal diagnosis, when inserting and removing needles and when using moxa and cupping.

– When not using the nose cap, we do not speak if within 1.5 meters of the patient’s face. The patient is also instructed not to speak.

– We stay the other time at least 1.5 meters away from the patient.

Point localization

– Only when absolutely necessary we place acupuncture needles on and around the face. We also use distal or dorsal points.

Hand hygiene

– We wash the hands with soap or disinfectant after each treatment and dry the hands with a paper tissue which is then deposited in a closed trash can.

What can you do as a patient?

General guidelines

– Always follow the general (health) guidelines of the Central Government and RIVM.

Health complaints

– Stay home and sick if you have upper respiratory complaints.

– Stay at home with a fever or shortness of breath and quarantine for 14 days; also quarantined the family. Follow the guidelines of RIVM.

– For clarity: appointments with the acupuncturist can be canceled free of charge for complaints similar to COVID-19.


– Provide the acupuncturist with all information about your state of health, including information about complaints that may indicate infection with the COVID-19 virus. The acupuncturist will let you know how you can do this before or during the consultation.


– Complete the triage form at home or upon entry, depending on the instruction of the care provider.

Practical visit and hygiene

– Read and follow the instructions (by mail, in practice) about the working method and rules in practice.

– Preferably come alone.

– Be on time and no more than 5 minutes early. If necessary, wait outside or in the car.


– Leave watches, rings and other jewelry at home.


– Bring your own linen (2 bath towels) to cover the treatment bench.

– Take it home after the treatment.

Hand hygiene

– Wash your hands before leaving home according to the RIVM guideline.

– When entering practice, clean hands and wrists again by washing with soap and water for 20 seconds and dry with paper towel, which is then deposited in a closed trash can.

– Or use disinfectant hand gel instead and spread over hands for 20 seconds while the gel dries.

– Do not touch anything in practice, such as door posts, etc.


– Avoid touching the face with your hands.

Toilet use

– Try to avoid toilet use in practice. Report any toilet use to Ping or Taco.

Read the entire document Upscaling acupuncture care protocol here: Protocol NV