Qigong and meditation

Prevention is better than cure


In ancient China, a patient paid his doctor when he was in good health and remained that way. The premise of TCM is maintaining health and disease prevention. For this reason, our practice also offers qigong and meditation classes.


The Chinese have practiced qigong for thousands of years. These physical exercises assist the flow of Qi in the body to restore balance, soothe the mind and to promote health. We combine qigong with acupressure and assist you in locating important acupuncture points, allowing you to massage blockages in your own or other people’s bodies.



Meditation (as well as active forms of yoga, qigong and acupressure) is indispensable for calming the mind. Sitting still and observing your breathing teaches you to be fully present in the moment, without judgement. Meditation will also connect you with your inner world.

Class ZenQi: Qi gong / meditation

– 20 minutes warming up
– 30 minutes qi gong 
– 20 meditation in silence
– 10 minutes tea and sharing

Thursday: 19.30 – 20.45

Boylestraat 20, The Hague

English and/or Dutch

Per lesson: € 10

Register now! info@pingshuyuan.com 
06 45 79 80 84 (Ping) or 06 333 120 73 (Taco)

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