2022 Workshop: Meridian Clock

One of the main characteristics of Classical Chinese Medicine is its holistic approach. But what does this mean? Holistic stems from the Greek word ‘holos’ meaning ‘whole, entire’. In medicine it means to look broader than only the disease and take into account the whole person, including emotions and the mental/spiritual state. It also means to align oneself with the universal flow. The change of Qi in Heaven like cold and hot are being reflected on Earth as the seasons winter and summer. But this Qi flow also manifests in our body, which is being reflected by the Meridian Clock. For example when you always wake up in the night between 01 and 03 AM this means that there is a disbalance in the Liver. Or if you always have a headache at 00.00 at night this reflects a Gallbladder imbalance. The best time to defecate according the Meridian clock is the Large Intestine time, which is early morning. 
Are you interested to learn more? Join our Meridian Clock workshop Saturday March 26th and April 16th! You will learn the basic knowledge of the Meridian Clock, dietetics and related Qi Gong exercises and meditation.
Time: 10.00 – 16.00 h
Cost: 85 euro (discount possible) 
Maximum: 6
Send an email to info@pingshuyuan.com